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Can I work as a programmer even without a degree?

In general, it is not necessary to have a college degree to work as a programmer. Many companies are interested in the practical skills and abilities you have developed as a programmer, whether or not you have a degree. However, having a bachelor's d...
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Is it normal to receive proposals for unpaid internships?

In some countries, offers of unpaid internships may be considered normal and common, especially for young people looking to gain work experience or those at the beginning of their careers. Often, companies offer unpaid internships as a way to get to ...
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Should I include a photo in my resume?

In generale, è una buona idea inserire una foto nel tuo curriculum se ti presenti per un lavoro che richiede un'immagine professionale o che richiede di avere un aspetto curato. Ad esempio, se stai cercando lavoro come modello o attore, è probabile c...
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