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Frequently asked questions

How does mentorship work on StartsWell?
Our mentorship service is a key pillar of the preparation experience for entering the world of work. Through our platform, you can find the mentor who most aligns with your persona, receiving the best advice and help to access your dream job, getting feedback from our experienced mentors, who can help you improve your presence in the interview, refine your answers and highlight any pitfalls. Most students book 3-5 sessions to make the most of the mentorship experience.
What is included in mentorship sessions?
During the 30/60 minute session, you will discuss your goals and your mentor will tailor the session to fit the areas you you would like to improve. During the session you will receive feedback detailed and guidance on how to improve.
Who are the StartsWell Mentors?
StartsWell Mentors are experienced product managers, engineers, UX | UI designers, developers and industry experts who have been selected and vetted by StartsWell. Mentors are rigorously selected and you can review their full profile before you book.
How will I take advantage of a mentorship session I purchased?
If you have purchased a mentorship session, view directly to the confirmation e-mail you will be sent to learn the full details of the consultation.
Does mentorship work in all time zones?
Yes. We have mentors who can offer their own session of counseling regardless of our student's location.
I need a mentorship interview as soon as possible!
You can find out the availability for each mentor in a few minutes by posting on our live chat or you can also contact us at If your need is urgent.
What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?
We understand that plans can change. We ask that you reschedule or cancel the session at least 24 hours before the deadline through your mentor. Missed sessions or cancellations/reschedules made within 24 hours will be counted as sessions used.
I have a question that is not found here.
Email us at

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